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We specialize in manufacturing workstations for scientific and technical applications such as computation, analysis and simulation. This service is used by researchers from companies and universities all over Japan.

Point 1 Custom-made PC production

We provide custom-made PCs that are designed and manufactured according to the customer's requirements.

If you have needs or questions as below, please feel free to contact us.

  • " I'd like to know what the best configuration is for processing I want to conduct "
  • " Do you have a PC for my porpose ? "
  • " I want the best PC I can buy within our budget "
  • " I'd like to have a PC with configurations and conditions made to order "

Customers have various requirements for their computers.At TEGARA, we have accumulated know-how over 25 years, based on customers' needs.We will propose the most suitable computer for each customer, one by one.

Point 2 Quick proposal

Basically, we can provide you with quote 1-2 days from the day you contact us. (*).
Our technical consultants with a wealth of experience and knowledge will review the configuration.
(* It may take more time depending on the specification. Thank you for you )

Point 3 Flexible support system

- In order to confirm compatibility with the environment in which the product is used, we actively lend evaluation equipment and offer free prototypes. For more information, please contact us.

- We can offer you payment terms and documents (a set of quote, delivey note, invoice, etc.).

- The warranty period can be extended for up to 5 years.

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