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Looking for a market in Japan?

For vendors wishing to promote their services and products at UNIPOS

Would you like to list your products on UNIPOS?

If you are a vendor who wants to sell your products to users in Japan, please contact us! You can promote your products to Japanese users in the following ways.

We will create a detailed page introducing your product in Japanese.

- Product name, outline, image, and vendor name, etc.

- More information, such as licensing options and product specifications

- Posting of materials such as videos and catalogs

- Display in the product list page by R&D category

Please see detailed page of the actual product. (Jump to UNIPOS web site)

After a user in Japan contact us, we will request you a quote in English.We will act as your contact person for sales in Japan. If you are interested in expanding your business in Japan, please take this opportunity to contact us.

notice :

  • - There is no charge for posting on UNIPOS product pages.
  • - The listed products are limited to products for research and development.
  • - There is no guarantee that all the products you apply for will be posted on the website. We will review your application before publishing it.
  • - The time of application to the time when you will be notified of the possibility of publication.(It will take about 2 weeks)
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About the field of products handled by UNIPOS

Our main customers are researchers and engineers in universities and companies.Please see the web page that listed up some of our customers.
Our Clients

What kind of products are required by Japanese researchers?

The keyword is ...
Society 5.0

As one example, in Japan, research towards technological innovation is being carried out based on the concept called "Society 5.0" . Society 5.0 is part of the process for achieving the “Japan's SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) model ”. Its core technologies and fields of application are as follows.

BioSensor (Medical) / Autonomous driving (Transportation) / Quadruped robot (Disaster prevention) / Smart agricultural / internet of things - IoT / Remote communication / LiDAR / etc.


Please refer to this page for an introduction to Society 5.0.


In addition, we also handle products in such fields for Japanese researchers.

If you handle any of these products, please contact us!
Let's work together to accelerate the research field in Japan. (it’s our corporate mission!)
Please Feel Free to Ask Us !
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