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Company Overview

Our Mission

Our missions are searching, procuring and providing tools (computers, software, hardware and related information) that are needed daily in research and development.
Furthermore, we will help promote R&D in Japan and the world and also contribute to humanity.
Through such work experience, all our employees will keep progressing into wothy people for society.

SATO Toshihiko, President and Chief Executive Officer

CEO - SATO Toshihiko

As a graduate of Tohoku University, he got a job with YAMAHA Corporation, Hamamatsu Japan as a product designer of electro-acoustic transducers like speakers and headphones, then he joined Technoresearch Co., Ltd. where he engaged in patent search and information consulting service.

Having eight years experience of the company, he started up Tegara Corporation in 1991 based on his work experience as an engineer, a consultant and a managing director.

Corporate Profile

Company Name

Tegara Corporation

What is "Tegara" mean?
The name Tegara comes from a company that provides a wide range of PC-related services in an integrated manner.
Established June 1991
Contact sales@tegara.com
President & CEO SATO Toshihiko
Paid Up Capital 10,000,000 yen
Annual Sales 1.8 billion yen
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Address, Access Map

Head Office - Shizuoka, Japan

8-3 Hosojima-cho, Naka-ku, Hamamatsu-shi,
Shizuoka, Japan 435-0045


Branch Office - Yamagata, Japan

4-14-36 Midori-cho, Yamagata-shi,
Yamagata, Japan 990-0041

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